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750kg Knott Avonride Extended trailer suspension units

750kg Knott Avonride Extended trailer suspension units

Part No. SU 077-108

Maximum capacity per pair 750kg

A Pair of Avon ride unbraked Suspension units with 108" PCD hubs.

These have an extended Stub axle and will take most cast trailer hubs.

Fits Standard 8 hole suspension plate (SP07)

These units are suitable for most offset wheels and centre nave wheels although the extended stub axle is not necessary for most canter nave trailer wheels.

These are suitable for reclaimed wheels from some cars with 108mm PCD including most Ford.

Please check measurements.

These are not suitable for wheels with a large offset and a wide tyre as the stub axle will not allow the wheel to clear the side of the trailer.

These come with bearings split pins and washers but are not assembled.

For technical specification please see diagrams below.

Extended Avonride 550kg unbraked trailer suspension units with 108mm PCD hub

Please note all dimensions are measured and there could be slight discrepancies.

Please note all weight ratings are as a pair and they are only sold as pairs.

If you have a multi axle trailer do not mix suspension units as different manufactures have different ride heights and travel. This may cause axles to be overloaded.

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